“Making the world a better place, one workshop and training at a time.”

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About Cresce

Cresce was established in December 2017 as non-profit organisation. However, our story began way before that. Carlos, Piero and Ulrike have been delivering together interactive solutions for various organizations since 2014.

The etymology of the word ‘Cresce’ comes from the Latin word crescere [ˈkreʃʃere], that means to grow.

We help companies, institutions and organisations in exploiting their potential. It is for them an invitation or prompt to grow.

We believe in making the world a better place, one workshop and training at a time.

Products & Services


The value of
organisational development

As companies, institutions and organisations develop, quests are faced continuously in the small and big matters of driving a business. Cresce can be a sparring partner to boost your innovation, strategic thinking, problem-solving and team building.


The essence of
cultures and diversity

The power and potential of bringing people together. We know that understanding human otherness is a difficult matter. For that, the skill set of global competence offers the ability to deal across cultures and diversity. If that is your target, feel free to approach Cresce.


The power of
tailor-made solutions

Sometimes, we have it crystal clear or we miss the forest for the trees. On any occasion, you can create your own objective and we can shape the path towards it. This collaboration is an option for organisations convening a full training or also a single workshop for a specific topic. Cresce’s field of expertise includes a wide range of topics.


We combine old knowledge with new ideas. Our seminars, training and workshops include techniques which are non-formal, such as buzz groups, icebreakers, flipped classroom or forum theatre, and experiential, like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or Dr. Sivasailam “Thiaghi” Thiagarajan’s work.

This is just a sneak peek, but we work with many more.
We can do “modern hipster” and “traditional classic” in one – whatever is needed to meet the objectives. Either on site, remote, online, live, or as a blend, we arrange it as you desire.

Who are we?


Carlos Guillemot


Piero Maria Gentilini


Ulrike Niemann

Carlos Guillemot

Co-Founder and trainer of Cresce

Trainer at Erasmus Student Network

Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator

8+ years of experience in delivering training and workshops in project management, planning, global and intercultural competences, conflict management, team building, organisational development, motivation and adapting to new cultures

9+ years of experience in the transportation sector working as project manager, safety manager, test manager and system integrator

MSc degrees in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia and Transportation and Logistics at the Technical University of Denmark

Co-Founder of the organisation Erasmus Student Network DTU

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English

Piero Maria Gentilini

Co-founder and trainer of Cresce

Senior trainer at Erasmus Student Network

Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator

Intercultural trainer from InterCultur GmbH & Human rights educator from the Council of Europe

7+ years experience in delivering training and workshops through experiential learning and non-formal education methods in intercultural communication, conflict management, motivation, team-buildings, culture shock and adapting to a new culture.

3+ years as strategic partnership manager and business developer

BSc degree in Foreign Trade at the Universita’ Ca’ Foscari of Venice and MSc degree in Brand Management and Marketing Communication at the University of Southern Denmark

Languages: Italian, English

Ulrike Niemann

Co-founder and trainer of Cresce

10+ years of global competence and intercultural competence training

Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator

Qualified Global Competence Certificate Facilitator from Sentio Global Education Network and AFS Intercultural Programs

15+ farming experience with emphasis in bio-dynamic and regenerative agriculture


13+ years in maritime industry in ship-owning companies, technical management, ship insurance, and in shipping education as assistant professor

BA degree in Business Economics at the University of Applied Science Kiel and MSc degree in International Management at the University of Southern Denmark (including pedagogic diploma)

Languages: Low German, German, English, Danish


  • Ozhen Kader
    Vice-President of ESN Denmark
    “I’ve attended many workshops with several people about different topics, my favorite TOP three workshops have been the ones Carlos and Piero have done. They have a way of making every subject interesting by creative activities and making sure these activities are what the target group needs and what will make the entire group reach the aim of the workshop. Carlos and Piero also have a very good flow and dynamic together, which is also a very significant factor when choosing who should do your workshops or training. They are both positive people and this shines through when they are around other people, so you’ll easily feel comfortable around them. If you are looking for someone to make workshops for you, then you’ll not regret booking these guys.”
  • Farah Saied
    “My experience was that it was a great workshop, normally you are so focused on cultural shock but no one tells you about the shock you’ll have when you get back. It even makes you question sometimes if it’s you or everyone goes through that. In the workshop I got to meet people who have been through the same and had good ideas to share about dealing with the reverse cultural shock, but it also made the “problem” acknowledged so in a way you now knew what you were dealing with. After the workshop I started being more active and attended many social activities to help me create new things in the place I thought I knew so well, meet new people and it helped a lot”
  • Rune Wulff Christensen
    Internationalisation Coordinator and Student Counsellor @ SDU Faculty of Science
    “They were great at meeting the participants at their level and making them feel heard and understood. Piero and Carlos are reliable and forthcoming. Working with Piero and Carlos has been a pleasure and we can recommend engaging with Cresce if you work in a field where internationals meet Danes.”
  • International Community Odense
    Consultant @ International Community Odense
    “Carlos and Piero facilitated an informal and interactive workshop on the First Cultural Steps Towards Adaptation in Denmark. We received very positive feedback from the participants, and it was clear that Carlos and Piero managed to create a familiar and relaxed atmosphere in which every participant felt comfortable sharing their experiences and learning from one another. We would happily recommend them to others planning a workshop on cultural adaption.”
  • Sebastiano Di Luozzo
    “I attended the workshop on cultural shock and the things I learnt are that nobody is alone. The workshop also gave me a quick way to understand how to act in a new cultural environment. It provided me with tools on how to head towards the mastering phase of the model presented. Lastly, it’s good to know that someone lives the same experience as you and that you can improve your cultural adjustment together.”
  • David Buzzoni
    “I have attended the workshop on culture shock organised by Piero and Carlos. It was shortly after I have moved to Denmark and the course helped me to get used to and learn to enjoy the new country. Both trainers were open and professional which made the workshop a pleasant experience.”
  • Teach for Belgium
    Alumni Coordinator - Teach for Belgium
    “We asked Cresce to facilitate a 3 hours LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® module during our Community Day in 2022. We received a lot of great feedback about the way the methodology LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® was used to foster creative thinking. It is a very hands-on module where we tested the experience ourselves for 2h50 hours and had only 10 minutes of theory.”


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